Brainless Bicyclists

I had an interesting experience today. I was going down a sidewalk when a group of 5 10-16 year olds pulled up in front of me on their bikes. Two got off and went into the eating place, leaving thwie bikes flat on the sidewalk. The other three neither moved the bikes, held the bikes, or in any way seemed to think it odd that between three upright bikes and two lying down bikes, pedestrians had to step over bike parts to walk down the sidewalk. I thought I would share my opinion politely, and said, “You know, it might be a bit polite to lean bikes against something rather than leave them like that.”
One of the teenagers started immediately swearing about how they just lost bikes, and leave them alone, I was getting past them wasn’t I? followed by f-you, f-this f-off etc. I now had a group of young teens trying to outcool me and intimidate me with their mouths. I very calmly stood straight up and said plain and simply, in a very calm voice “f-you. Other people have to use the sidewalk too. I could step over your bikes, but if I had been in a wheelchair I would not have been able to. Share sidewalks.”
Four of them started getting more upset when the fifth one suddenly spoke up, “She’s right. It wasn’t fair. We’re sorry.” I smiled at him and nodded, as the group took off in the direction I was heading. One was griping about how he had almost been hit by a car twice on the way there….then proceeded to go onto the road (only 4 did this) riding like crazy against traffic.

You heard me right, riding against traffic. So,cyclists, something to learn here. When on the sidewalk you are sharing your ‘road’ with pedestrians. If you are getting off your bike lean it on something, or have your friend hold it. If you are going to ride on the sidewalk, respect other pedestrians and go slowly around them. If you are going to go on the road, you are subject to the same laws as motorists. This means you do not drive headlong into traffic on the wrong side of the road, as if you have a deathwish. The majority of traffic fatalities in my town this year involving bicyclists were actually a result of cyclists on the wrong side of the road. If you are on the road, follow traffic regulations the same as any other vehicle. A driver should not have to spend all his time avoiding people going the wrong way in their lane.

Some would say I have no place to speak about what those teens chose to do. Point there, I was not riding my bicycle during the incident. I was carrying it over my shoulder as I stepped around the bicycles that were in my way on the sidewalk.

Share the route, share the rules. It’s common sense, and it can help you live. Now back to the regular Sunday night programming…..



Uncluttering your life is FAR more than just cleaning up your home. It’s working through all the different paperwork that piled up. It’s remembering to have some, but not too much, free time. It’s remembering to take care of your health with proper exercise, rest, and nutrition. It’s about remembering the little things, like changing lightbulbs and making short social phonecalls to stay in touch. Sometimes, it seems to get the best of you, the clutter. When it does, don’t let it get to you all the way.


Take a deep breath.

And start again.

On the little things.

One at a time.


Make the mountains into molehills.

Something I learned while working with young children….

Always use all skills as part of learning, but also use all skills as part of play.

So, that means that when you cover a theme, say Dinosaurs, you find a way to express it and explore it with the children using large motor, small motor, musical, artistic, prereading, premath, and prescience skills with as much media as you can. Then, during the free play, provide for physical, artistic, dramatic, reading, and art/craft activities that let the children use their skills to further explore theme related materials. If the children’s explorations take them away from the theme while they use the tools you provide to explore, that’s fine. They will still develop skills, and will feel less pressured, so will learn more when you are actively teaching them during the structured parts of the day because they are more relaxed